Patented technology offers a unique solution for long-lasting comfort and shock absorbency in one flexible material. Who says you can’t have it all? With PORON® Dual Layer Material you get the benefits of two distinct technologies in one:

Custom contouring for incredible fit and feel with added shock absorption.

Get maximum comfort and support for the life of your product.

The standard PORON Dual Layer offering utilizes PORON Slow Rebound Soft Material for a customized, total contact fit and PORON Performance Material, which provides excellent shock absorption to help comfort joints and soft tissue. Together these materials are working to offer you even pressure distribution to aid in support and stability.

The unique properties of PORON Dual Layer allow this material to continually rebound to its original form, so you get a custom fit during each use.

In the end, PORON Dual Layer Cushioning gives you a unique comfort and shock absorbing solution for a variety of products ranging from aftermarket insoles, comfort footwear, apparel and various athletic cushioning applications.

Exceptional Cushioning

  • Continually rebounds to original form for custom comfort
  • Helps to evenly distribute pressure for added comfort
  • Support and stability

Breathable and Flexible

  • Patented technology combines two distinct PORON Materials into one without the use of costly adhesives or lamination
  • Continuous open-cell structure provides breathability and maintains integrity of the foam

Maintains Performance

  • Long-term comfort and performance for the life of your product
  • Excellent compression-set resistance that will not break down with repeated use
  • Microban® antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of stain-and order-causing bacteria, mold and mildew

Versatile to Suit Your Designs

  • Standard offerings of 3mm and 4mm thickness available with PORON Slow Rebound Soft and PORON Performance combinations
  • Other custom PORON Dual Layer combinations available upon request