Memory foam

Memory foam is an open-cell polyurethane foam which provides a pressure distribution, thus a more comfortable surface on which to stand or walk on.

Due to its conforming aspect, memory foam is ideal for a comfortable yet supportive insole: it contours to the shape of the body and provides an evenly distributed support.

Memory foam is typified by its slow recovery after compression. When the foot is positioned on memory foam, the foam progressively conforms to the shape of the foot, and after the weight is removed, the foam slowly reassumes its initial shape. Due to this gradual recovery, memory foam also can be described as “slow recovery” foam.

Memory foam does not only guaranteed comfort, it also absorbs shock, thus it is ideal cushion for sports equipment and footwear.

In addition to these key advantages, many viscoelastic products also react to body temperature and ambient temperatures, softening with heat and more easily adjusting to body contours.